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readings to fan the flames of discontent

Readings to Fan the Flames of Discontent
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Believing that radical action must be grounded in radical thought in order to be effective and coherent and believing that radical thought best develops and becomes real and relevant when it is created by engaged indivduals actively participating in its development, this community attempts to develop a stronger theoretical understanding of modern revolutionary currents and individuals, and their respective written works. Whereas both 'radicalreads'and 'readinganarchy' deal primarily with questions pertaining to anarchism, this community was established as a medium to discuss literature covering the various revolutionary perspectives which exist today(books, zines, journals, etc). While we do not adhere to any specific ideology as a group, we are interested specifically in revolutionary and radical thought, viewing it as a large body of ideas ranging from Marx to the Situationists to council communism to anarchism and much more. We seak to promote a free exchange of ideas based on the readings. We seek lively debate. We hope to move away from the mundane exercise of re-reading and re-interpreting the "classics", whatever ideology they may reflect. This does not mean excluding discussion regarding certain works, which having been written some time ago still hold true, but simply that this community intends to focus on more contemporaneous literature and theory.

Feel free to suggest/request information on revolutionary literature, and post suggestions or comments